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epoojaseva - About Usepoojaseva

In life, when all doors of opportunities seem closed, when we are neck deep in problems and don't know whom to count on, we often turn towards God to seek solutions to all our problems.

epoojaseva.com brings to you a powerful platform where you can join in at any stage of your life whether you are student, a home -maker, working professional or a senior citizen. We help you to take the right decisions and make your life the best.

In Indian culture Poojas & Homas have special position.  We see many people performing such Poojas daily & getting Poojas done  everyday.

Whatever work is done with dedication has special fruits as a result.  Whatever problems we are experiencing today is due to lack of dedication & devotion.

Whoever visits our website with dedication & devotion & books for Poojas, for such people Poojas are performed at a comfortable place traditionally, & Prasadam will be sent.

Whoever want to participate in this act & those all who want to help us are welcome.

epoojaseva - About Us
epoojaseva - About Us